Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb

Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb

On first look at Yoga Bomb you really don’t expect much from its plain orange exterior.

Once this bomb hits the water though the smell really gets you, calming and fresh sandalwood and its first fizz is so fluffy I want to turn it into a pillow and sleep on it forever.
As the colour starts to peek out it all gets a little bit more exciting, as you can see above, the turquoise peeping out to say hello
From here on it just gets better and better the more colours that come out creating small rainbows in your bath and soothing your mind as you watch just like yoga but with less work and sweat (depending how hot you have your baths)
Even just looking at pictures of Yoga Bomb makes me feel calmer and happier, it truly is a magical product. If you haven’t tried this bomb I highly recommend adding it to your next order or grabbing one next time you pop to your local lush

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