Split pea and courgette soup | veg lyf

Split pea and courgette soup | veg lyf

This soup is perfectly delicious and lazy, filling winter warmer, its been a family favourite for years. This recipe makes four portions

-1 and a half cups dried split peas
-White onion
– 2 medium courgettes (or equivalent, basically you want about the same amount as the split peas)
-Stock, the recipe says chicken but I use vegetable
-Salt and pepper
-Bread to serve

The laziest way to make this soup is to pre-prepare everything first. Dried split peas need to be soaked at least overnight, I usually give them almost 24 hours.
-When its soup making time, chop the courgettes into cubes and pop in a bowl to the side
-Dice the onion and fry
-Once the onions have browned, add the courgettes and cook until they soften slightly
-Add the split peas, turmeric and stock. I add about enough to turn everything yellow (the original recipe half a teaspoon of turmeric and to make 900ml of stock according to the packages instructions but I like to add the water after)
-Add enough hot water to cover everything and then an extra inch or two
-Leave to simmer for an hour or until most of the water has boiled off
-Remove a third of the soup, blend and add back in
-Taste and season to your liking

I serve it with buttered bread to dip in

I buy my split peas from Rice Up Wholefoods from the bulk area and the veg lose from Sainsburys so this recipe is almost completely waste-free.

This soup keeps well for three days, I often make it in the afternoon and reheat for dinner when mum gets home and lunches the next day.