Is privacy a human right? -If – shares – does that give us the right to -?

Is privacy a human right? -If – shares – does that give us the right to -?

We all love Taylor Swifts songs, but just because her lyrics make us swoon, does that give us the right to know who they are about? Just because an artist shares their work with the world, does that give us the right to know all about them? Do we appreciate art more if we know who the muse is or are people just nosey?

Many influencers paved their way by sharing their personal life online, but how much of their personal life do their fans have a right to? Where is the line on what they should share and who decides that?

In 2015 Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and boyfriend, Alfie Deyes had a problem with fans showing up at their home, some with their parents who would lift them up to see over walls, fences and into windows. Sure, Zoe and Alfie show a lot of their lives and their home, but that doesn’t make it okay for people to just show up there. People visiting some big cities in America are encouraged to go on celebrity house tours, where they are shown the location of famous people’s homes. What gives us the right to this information and what do people gain from visiting celebs houses?

Imagen how you would feel if someone showed up to look at your home based on something they knew about you. “this is the house of that girl who buys like 6 pots of hummus a week, I thought she’d live somewhere nicer”

Some sources are suggesting that people’s obsession with knowing more about celebrities and pop culture is lowering the amount of time spent discussing important issues like politics and the environment.

If we think we have the right to choose what we do and don’t share, why don’t those in the public eye?

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