Is privacy a human right? -Privacy for celebrities’ children

Is privacy a human right? -Privacy for celebrities’ children

I know this is not like my usual content but this post is a part of a series of blog posts about ethics for one of my university units, discussing if privacy is a human right.

Many celebrities and influencers have made the choice not to share images of their children’s faces on social media, covering them with emojis, scribbling over them or showing them from behind. Pink, Ryan Gosling, Adel and Chris Hemsworth are some of those amongst this group of cautious parents. Many saying that just because they have chosen to live their lives in the public eye, does not mean their children should have to as well, especially before they are old enough to make this choice for themselves.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are amongst the couples that have made the choice to not share images of their children’s faces on social media because in their words “they value their children’s privacy”. There are a few paparazzi photos of their two girls out there and they do share images of them but always with their faces covered or from behind. In one incident, Kristen caught a photographer who was taking photos of her and her children outside their school, went up to the car and explained how this was a violation and the safety issues releasing those images could cause. He heard reason and deleted the images. They often share funny stories and anecdotes about their two girls, not keeping them completely away from the public but still allowing them the anonymity of everyday people.

The pair came under scrutiny after releasing their baby product line Hello Bello because they used child actors in the adverts, Bell said “people need to understand the difference between a child actor and the child of an actor” and made sure to use fake names for all children involved in the adverts.

What do you think? Do celebrities have the right to hide their children from the public eye? Is it a case of privacy?

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