One pot, lazy, cheese and brocoli pasta|veg lyf

One pot, lazy, cheese and brocoli pasta|veg lyf

I am lazy and I love cheesey pasta, so this one pot, lazy cheese and brocoli pasta is one of my go-to’s, especially as it gets me some veg with my comfort food

All the ingredients for the simplest pasta recipe

All you need is pasta, brocoli, soft/cream cheese and a melty cheese, I use either cheader or mozzarella. Chop off some brocoli florretts and put them in the pot with however much pasta you want and cook together

Throw the pasta and the brocoli in the same pot, were going full lazy

Once the pasta and brocoli are cooked, turn off the heat and drain the water. Return to the pot over the risidual heat of the hob and add the soft cheese, stir through and coat to create a sauce

Saucy but not cheesey enough

Add in the melty cheese of your choice and season with salt and pepper to taste

Cheesey, lazy glory

That’s it, all done. You can server with other things or on its own. The only down side to this dish is that it doesn’t reheat well so you can’t cook it ahead of time but with the short time it takes to make, it absolutely redeems itself

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