Preparing for Summer in The City

Preparing for Summer in The City

This year will be my fifth Summer in The City, my fourth staying in London for the event. Over the years I feel like I’ve perfected what I need to take with me and have prepared.

Firstly, the essential items:

  • Water bottle, most of the food shops along the main hall will fill water bottles for you, travel mug for your inevitable trips to costa
  • Tissues in case there isn’t toilet roll or you cry when you meet people
  • Hand sanitiser, you’ll absolutely end up sat on the floor at some point
  • Lip balm, hand cream/moisturiser, the air conditioner in excel will make your skin dry out
  • Lunch and snacks, a lunch box (for the lunch), food in the excel is super expensive
  • Tech- battery pack and your phone and a camera if you are going to vlog the event, if not, your phone should be fine for photos
  • Comfy clothing, I know you want to look good meeting your friends and fave creators but sitc involves a lot of walking around, sitting on floors and long days, you want to be comfortable

Secondly, buy a ready meal to put in the freezer ready for when you get home from sitc, you will be exhausted and in no shape to go food shopping until you’ve slept for at least 12 hours

Third, arrive in London on the Wednesday, check into your accommodation, buy food for lunches. Why two days before sitc? So you are there and ready for presitc where you will meet other people headed to sitc

Fourth, have a look at the schedule before you get to the excel centre, put the panels and events you want to go to in your phone notes, along with with the stage it’s on. But be prepared to miss out on the panels you want to go to because sometimes you get swept up in something else

Fifth, LAYERS, the excel centre is all airconditioned, which can be really nice but when you sit for a while watching a panel, podcast recording or anything else, you will get cold. Bring a jumper or cardigan as an extra layer. You will also appreciate it on your walk back to your accommodation

Six, if you are over 18, you will most likely end up in The Fox after the event in excel finishes, make sure you bring your ID with you and start preparing yourself to pay £7 for a bottle of cider

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