Ecobricks- why and how

Ecobricks- why and how

Ecobricking started to be shared a lot in eco groups and generally on Facebook and other social media in late 2018. It is a way to upcycle plastics that would otherwise go to landfill by turning them into bricks to be used in structures. 

The plastics inside include crisp packets, chocolate and biscuit wrappers and any other plastics that cannot go in your recycling bin, food trays and other bigger non flexible items can be chopped up to be put in too. The outside of the bricks are single use plastic drinks bottles, you stuff the plastics into the bottles to make a sturdy brick.

To make the bricks you clean all the plastics and the bottles and leave them to dry, chop sturdier plastics up and get yourself a poking stick (I use chopsticks or bamboo from my garden). It’s best to gather lots of materials together and then make several bricks at a time, I found stuffing the plastics in to the bottles as I had them meant I couldn’t get as much in the bottle or pack the plastic as tightly. 

There is a calculator you can use to work out the weight your bricks need to be but I generally go for when you can’t squeeze the bottle and cannot fit any more plastic in, it is done. Once I finish my ecobricks I post them to the New Forest Aquaponics but there are lots of groups collecting them so it is worth looking for a place closer to you to send them to if you don’t live in Hampshire.

Ecobricking is a great way to reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill as well as helping charity or organisation build something at little to no extra cost to yourself aside from postage. 

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