Cruelty free tattoo aftercare

Cruelty free tattoo aftercare

As of writing this post I have a small collection of 9 tattoos, with my most recent also being my largest. Through healing my skin art I have found the best combination of aftercare products for me.

For my first, I followed everyone’s instructions and used bepanthen and as I got my second less than a month after, continued using it. In the time it took me to get my third, I lost my tube of bepanthen and they changed the recipe making it no longer suitable for use on tattoos so I followed another popular recommendation of coconut oil. It was good and worked well but it is so thin I had to constantly reapply it which can get tedious.

A tattoo artist I love and am fortunate enough to have been tattooed by a few times is the lovely @th3pidedpiper aka Gemma. She is vegan and uses cruelty free cosmetics and recommended I use Ultrabalm from Lush Cosmetics. This worked perfectly for the first two she did for me on my ankles and for the start of healing the waves on my arm. I found that this was rubbing off whilst I was at work and asked Gemma what my next best option was. She suggested Charity Pot, also from Lush. It worked brilliantly.

For my last three I have found a combination of those two works best for me, using only Ultrabalm for the first 5 days and then switching between that and Charity Pot for the rest of the healing process. Towards the end of the two weeks I find that Dream Cream can also help with the itching but isn’t always necessary.

Finding cruelty free tattoo aftercare felt so intimidating until I found these products and a tin of Ultrabalm lasts for so long, I still have the same one

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