My first clean up with Plastic Patrol

My first clean up with Plastic Patrol

Recently, I took my luggage to work with me and traveled to London after my shift. As part of my work experience with Plastic Patrol I was asked if I could come help out at an event at Hackney Marshes. The weekend involved 6 clean ups across two days, logging all the plastic and talking to people about what we were doing.

I was asked to bring along my cameras, some questions to ask people who got involved in the clean ups and know how to use the Plastic Patrol app so I could help people log what they found.

As part of the weekend I got to work side by side with the incredible Lizzie Carr, founder of Plastic Patrol, world record holder and incredible, inspiring woman. I was also fortunate to see her short film, The Hudson Project a few times over the course of the weekend, a reminder on the big screen of the many ways this project can and has impacted people and the strength of the woman that started it.

Every single member of the team were so welcoming and encouraging of what I was hoping to achieve for them over the weekend. London flares my anxiety a fair amount but these people scooped me into their group and made me feel so wanted and at ease. Being there and getting involved was so afferming of the choices I have made to reduce my waste and choose more sustainable options.

Lizzie and Liz absolutely insisted that I have a go on the water, getting hands on with the clean up and with my love for watersports, I didn’t take much convincing. Paddle boarding is very different to the kinds of water sports I’m used to, boats are generally my thing but I loved it nonetheless.

If you want to get involved in cleaning up the planet, already pick up waste that you find or already attend clean up events, please download and use the Plastic Patrol app. As Lizzie says, we can litterpick forever but it makes more of a difference if we log it and have the data to show the companies that are generating the waste.

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