Achieving my 2019 goals

Achieving my 2019 goals

Yes I do know that it’s March and it’s a little late to be setting goals for the year but this isn’t that. This is that I have actually achieved one of my goals.

I set myself two main goals for 2019: get a new job and be able to run 5k.

Sunday 24th March 2019 was my last day at the job I’ve been doing since October 2016. The company I worked for aren’t great and my job doesn’t at all match up with my morals and I’ve known for a while it was time to move on but didn’t want to strand myself jobless and relying on student loan and my parents so I’ve held out. Until now.

Handing in my notice was one of the best feelings, knowing I was moving on to do something that is more suited for me and will help me in my career and help me to make a difference in my local area. My last day was sweet with victory.

I’m going to get to help out with Southampton Pride, organise and promote charity events and sell cake and coffee, two things that bring me exponential joy, all whilst surrounded by lovely, welcoming, accepting people.

Next step is to pull on my trainers and start running

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