Low waste, not zero waste

Low waste, not zero waste

With people like Bea Johnson and Lauren Singer, amongst many others promoting and making waves with their zero waste lifestyles, I realised the impact I was making with my waste and wanted to make a change.

I tried to go zero waste, I really tried, but it’s hard and its not possible for everyone and all budgets. Then I found the low waste movement and realised that doing my best is better than what I was doing before.

I am a student who works part time, which means at some points in the year I am super busy which makes even low waste difficult. When its around the time of deadlines or when I’m working extra around classes it is harder to not rely on convenience food covered in plastic.

Avoiding waste and packaging in some areas makes me feel better about the packaging that I can’t avoid or don’t want to. I’m not sure I’ll ever be at a point to be ready to give up crisps and chocolate but the majority of my fruit, veg and grains are fine to not be in plastic.

Switching from disposable cotton pads to reusable ones has saved me so much money as well as reducing my waste. I also only have enough to last me 8 days which holds me more accountable for doing my laundry each week.

Take a look at my back to basics post,my reducing waste post and my Eco Lyf and Veg Lyf category for more ideas on how to make a difference

Cover photo featuring my lovely tote bag from Sighh by Polly

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