Shopping second hand

Shopping second hand

One of the best ways to recycle items that have life left in them that you may not need any more is to sell them, donate them to charity shops or give them to someone you know that would enjoy or benefit from it. I love finding gems and bargains second hand either online or in charity shops. My favourite things to buy second hand are most definitely books, records and Doctor Martens.

My first pair of doc’s I found on eBay and are a beautiful pair of limited-edition boots I got for only £32 essentially brand new.
I am always up for a nose around the books in a charity shop or two and the thing I buy the most in them are books, if you like reading then you should have a look in your local charity shop.

With there not being a HMV in Southampton anymore I wanted more options to buy records so turned to Depop, not only have I found limited edition presses of albums I love, I’ve found them at great prices.

Shopping second-hand can be cheaper than buying items new and it is also more sustainable, saving perfectly good items from going to waste. Next time you are shopping for something that doesn’t need to me new, have a look in your local charity shops as well as on eBay, Facebook marketplace and other online second-hand sales platforms.

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