Reusable Cotton pads| Eco Lyf

Reusable Cotton pads| Eco Lyf

I have wanted to make the change to reusable cotton pads for a while now but all the ones I looked at were so expensive. After a few weeks of struggling to find regular cotton pads in shops and noticing how much of my waste was cotton pads I decided it was time.

I got a 15 pack of bamboo ones from Amazon to start me off and see how I got on with them and the pack was only £15.99. Unfortunately they came in lots of plastic but I guess it’s less packaging than all the cotton pads I would use otherwise.

When I took the cotton pads out of the box
The three plastic bags that the cotton pads were in
Reusable cotton pads out of the plastic, in the mesh bag

I use my reusable cotton pads with Lush’s 9 to 5 Cleanser as this was the one I was using anyway. After a few days of using the cotton pads I decided that I really liked them and I wanted to make the switch but I didn’t have enough. These cotton pads are large and I didn’t need the whole thing for toner so I decided the best way to have enough was to cut some in half and sew them closed again to make 14 smaller ones.

 Halved Cotton pads

So in total I have 8 large round cotton pads and 14 halves as I use toner twice a day and only remove make up once a day with a spare for those rare days my makeup goes wrong (my look is so simple it’s hard to get wrong) or I have to wear a full face or change my makeup in the day

Fresh out the tumble dryer cotton pads

The cotton pads came with a mesh bag that is to put the cotton pads in after you have used them to put them in the washing machine. I wash mine in with my regular laundry once a week and tumble dry them as the instructions said. After a few months of using them they were starting to look a bit grubby and this is probably a combination of what they are used for and that I don’t use an aggressive laundry detergent, I have an Ecoegg. I decided to give them a deeper clean by scrubbing them and soaking them overnight in Astonish Oxy Action before putting them through the wash as usual. 

Overall I would highly recommend reusable cotton pads as they work well for me for removing my make up and they have significantly reduced my waste as well! I do still own regular disposable cotton pads for nail varnish and other things but reusable ones have made such a difference and I am saving money which is an added bonus.

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