Ecoegg laundry detergent | Eco Lyf

Ecoegg laundry detergent | Eco Lyf

My mum bought me an ecoegg for my birthday so I have been using it for a solid 9 months now and I love it. I was having issues with regular laundry detergent leaving white marks on my (many) black band t-shirts and was also looking to switch to a cruelty free option anyway when mum found the ecoegg.

She got me the Lavender scented one with 720 washes and as I only do two wash loads a week this meant I would be set for the next 7 years. Unfortunately they have since discontinued this scent

The black and white pellets inside the Ecoegg

When you first get your egg you will need to fill it with the pellets, the black ceramic ones and the white mineral ones which contain the fragrance (every 35 weeks you need to add more of the white mineral ones), click your egg back together and you are ready to go! Just pop it in the drum with your laundry.

Newly refilled white pellets

I was mildly sceptical about the ecoegg as the smell wasn’t overly strong and I didn’t understand how can it go through the wash without dissolving all the pellets but nonetheless the reviews were good and I had one now so in it went with my laundry.

I decided not to use fabric conditioner the first time I used it to see how it works alone and I haven’t bothered to use any since! The fragrance isn’t noticeably lavender but my laundry always smells and feels clean and soft. I’ve seen others that use fabric softener as well or who add extra essential oils to their wash loads but I don’t feel it’s necessary for me.

Overall, if you are looking to switch to a cruelty free or low waste/less plastic option, I would highly recommend the Ecoegg.

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