The first year of my degree

The first year of my degree

That’s it. First year is over, all of the work is submitted and I know I passed at least three quarters of my assignments. You are all welcome to join me in a collective sigh of relief and a treat yourself day in bed with crisps and chocolate and all the TV shows you’ve been ignoring over the last three weeks to get all your work done.

I’ll be honest I’m amazed I got this far as I haven’t always enjoyed being in education, evidently from having taken two years to go to university and I won’t lie, I haven’t enjoyed all of my university experience either. Most of the time I love it, there are great people in my class, my lecturers are engaging and the work isn’t too bad. There are still deadlines and I’m a last minute worker even though not being organised stresses me out, sometimes people don’t turn up for classes which can mess with whatever your lecturer has planned and going from working full time to sometimes only working 8 hours a week has left me so gosh darn poor but it’s all a part of the student experience right?

In my first year I have had the opportunity to work with live clients such as the New Forest Outdoor Centre, Rolls-Royce and the 4Louis Foundation, I have expanded my knowledge of the Adobe programs, made magazines, radio adverts, podcasts and more, all of which I may never have done if not for this degree. I have met some great people and helped set up a new society, which is working with the food services in uni to show the demand for more plant-based food options. We have learnt about the career options that PR can take us on to and laughed at some PR disasters that have happened through the year.

I’d like to say my plans for this summer are to relax and see friends and go to festivals but in reality my plans are working, moving house and sitc. I’ve applied to volunteer at some festivals but that means I won’t just be soaking up the sunshine listening to music, and have a few videos I’d like to get done before going back to uni. I’m going to take a week or so first though to catch up on my reading challenge and take lots of baths.

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