I got to work at my dream job and why I’m not sad it’s over

I got to work at my dream job and why I’m not sad it’s over

For 3 months over Christmas I had the absolute pleasure of being a Christmas temp at Lush Cosmetics in Southampton (I know this post is two months late, but better late than never). Unsurprisingly this was an absolute dream come true for me as a Lush fanatic, especially as it was their first christmas in the new store and I already knew a lot of the staff. Christmas is one of my favourite ranges from Lush, there are always so many exciting products.

Excitingly my first day was Christmas and Halloween launch day so I got to see the people like me excitedly coming in to store to see and smell all the new products which I had already got to see at the Creative Showcase. Getting to talk about and show people and learn more about all the amazing products Lush has to offer was so fun. Seeing how excited others were about them too was great and changing the minds of those who were sceptical about the products always felt so good.

I really wanted to be kept on at this job and so when they asked if I wanted to interview for a permanent position I jumped at the chance and booked in. I was so nervous for my second interview and it went well but both fortunately and unfortunately I had got to work with a fantastic bunch of temps over the three months and I wasn’t kept on.

I thought I was going to be devastated about not getting to stay, I love this company and I loved working there. I never dreaded a shift and I was always happy to take on more hours but then I reminded myself that at least I got there, at least I had the three fantastic months I did. No one could take that time, those memories or those friends and experiences away from me. I had prepared myself for not getting kept on before I knew if I would by saying goodbye on my last shift as a temp so then when I found out I wasn’t staying I felt it was on my terms and I wasn’t getting my hopes up for anything.

I would have loved to stay, of course, it was a dream come true but also it’s now just one more adventure ticked off my bucket list and it has given me a confidence boost to know I can work in this kind of industry. It gave me the chance to work in something other than food and helped fund me through my degree for a while. Maybe one day I will work for Lush again, and I would love that, but for now it’s time to tick other things off my list and work towards my degree. Of course I could never say goodbye completely, my room is still filled with Lush products and I love visiting the store, I’m just back to being a fanatic and not an employee.

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