Moving out of my childhood home

Moving out of my childhood home

We moved into this flat when I was a baby and have lived here ever since. I have only ever had this bedroom and my bed has only ever been in one of two corners of the room but now this flat is not big enough for us all so we are moving.

We are moving to a house, in a different part of Southampton. I’m no longer going to get to see the water on my way to work or uni, my room is no longer going to be the one I’ve always known and my bed is going to be in a very different corner.

To some people this may not seem like a big deal but I’ve spent so long working on my room to get it exactly right, to make it a calm space I can escape to or work in. Having my room exactly right has had such a positive impact on my anxiety and I’m worried to lose that. This flat isn’t going anywhere and people I love will still live here but I won’t. And to add to the weirdness I’m going to live on the same bus route but in the opposite direction.

So many people have said that moving isn’t as scary as I think it is and others have commented on how very strange it will be for me to not live here because this flat has also been a constant in their life.

My parents being the fantastic people they are keep reminding me of the exciting things of the move like having a garden. They have said I can have bird houses and feeders and a wormery for food waste. Apparently there are lots of green grocers near by so I can buy plastic free food. I can have my plants in my room (they currently live in the kitchen) because the sun actually comes through my new window and I can do yoga in the garden on warm days.

Having now seen where we are moving has really helped ease my nerves but I’m still anxious because we aren’t there yet and we are moving around the end of term so I have the extra pressure of three deadlines. I’m hoping to hand in early and before we move but as a last minute worker this could be hard so I’m just lying to myself about when my deadlines are in hopes I’ll get the work done.

For now I’m going to work on a room tour video so I can remember this space and I’m sure once I’ve settled in I will make something about how I’m going to make my new space mine, yellow walls and all as we aren’t allowed to paint. If you have any tips, tricks or advice you think will help, please send it my way, even if it’s just about bird houses.

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