One sixth of the way

One sixth of the way

On the 17th of January I handed in my final deadline of my first term of my degree. My degree is across three years with two terms per year, six parts. I am one sixth of the way through and although deadlines aren’t the most fun, I’m really loving my degree. I celebrated being a sixth of the way with a creme egg and stationery shopping for the next term. (don’t ever let anyone tell you I’m not cool)

We had roughly 6 weeks off for christmas and I won’t lie, I really missed my classmates in that time. I’m so glad to be back in class with them and squeezing too many of us into the boxes in the spark in lunch hours and the almost routine breaks to go to the toilet and fill water bottles.

We’ve got some pretty exciting briefs for this term set in front of us as well as other events like meet the professionals and crisis simulation.

There will be plenty more opportunities for Lynsey to make jokes about me sharing a surname with a personality test and another thirteen weeks of trying not to get distracted by the building works out the window of TS209, of forgetting that it’s NEVER a good idea to walk all the way up the stairs for classes on the fifth floor and picking the perfect amount of layers when you know you’ve got lessons in a cold classroom and the boiling radio studio on the same day, as well as  getting lost a little every time we go to the radio studios.

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