My first week at university

My first week at university

“Hi, I’m Sadie, I’m 20, from Southampton and I’m a vegetarian who loves pop punk, pizza and tattoos” was probably my most said sentence during my first week of university while taking part in countless ice breakers and introducing myself to my teachers and fellow students. With “I’m so tired”/“I need something caffeinated” coming in as a close second.

A few nights before my first day I excitedly packed my backpack and pencil case, selecting the right colour pen for my academic diary, a few black and blue pens and some coloured ones, my favourite rubber, how many note books are enough for my first day? Do I need a memory stick? Deciding to bring everything because I’d rather be weighed down than caught out on day one.

The evening before my first day I was determined to get a goodnight’s sleep so I did all I could with the power of Lush to send me to dreamland; a shower with Twilight Shower gel, smothering myself in Sleepy Body Lotion, a good sprinkling of Mr Sandman Dusting Powder on my sheets and pressure points rubbed with Dream Time Temple Balm and I was off after triple checking my alarms were set and my bus pass was purchased and ready to go.

The first 15 minutes of me being in the building involved me being so panicked I could hear my own heart beat louder than the music in my headphones but as soon as I was stood outside the right classroom with someone who said he was also taking PR my nerves started to calm.

My first week was a blur of exhaustion and new names and faces, and a new environment. Dressing myself in my own clothes every day, having the option of wearing lipstick or bright shoes and probably the biggest novelty; getting to paint my nails after a year of working in food and not being allowed any kind of polish on my hands whether it be clear, French tips or full colour. Band shirts are my uniform now and I love it.

Four days in and this new building and new people started to feel normal. I was starting to think I could do this, that I was going to enjoy the next three years of this journey, even if I’m still not sure where I want to go I know @PR_SSU is going to help me get there.

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