My Camera and why I chose it

My Camera and why I chose it

My camera is the Nikon D5100 with a 18-55mm lens

As the main thing I use my camera for now is making YouTube videos it may seem an odd choice but my camera is 3 years old and I picked it for using it for my photography A-level and at the time it was the best one I could get in my price range as it fit the specs college gave me and what I wanted from it too.

I chose to go with Nikon instead of Cannon as I had used both as part of my photography work experience and I proffered the placement of the focus wheel and some buttons on the body of the camera more on the Nikon than the Cannon.

The initial camera I was looking at was the Nikon D5200 as that was the newest one out at the time that was close to the price range I was looking at and I had used a friends D5100. I liked this camera because it was Nikon, came in a kit with the lens my college course required and as a bonus had a flip out screen in case I ever did decide to start making YouTube videos again. When the time came to getting my camera the D5200 was unavailable in the two closest shops to me and the D5100 was in one of them with the kit and about £50 cheaper.

I found I really enjoy my camera over the years I have had it and as someone on the shorter side I have found the flip screen very helpful in getting a good view of what I am photographing and helping me to line up some higher up shots. As I said I mainly wanted the flip screen in case I got back into making videos (which I have) and it is very helpful setting up for videos. If you are looking for a DSLR camera I would highly recommend having a look at this range whatever generation you like as the screen is incredibly helpful and the body isn’t too heavy making it easy to carry round compared to some other bodies.

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