My Vlogging Setup

My Vlogging Setup

My vlog set up is by no means the best but it is effective and not overly expensive. With the use of some fairy lights and a lamp I transformed the lighting and quality of my videos and here is how


(This is a very rough and inaccurate drawing of my room)

The lamp on my desk is only used when I film standing up and not when vlogging from my bed, the light over my bed is the main ceiling light on my room, the rectangle of light next to my bed is my laptop which will be open with the screen brightness lowered with any notes I have made for filming and I use the big mirrors in my room to reflect as much light as I can to where I am filming.





This bright lighting combined with an aperture of f5, an ISO of 500 and shooting in 720p  24 frames per second is how I shoot on my DSRL. I don’t use an external microphone and I edit in Adobe Premier Pro. My camera is the Nikon D5100 with the 18-55mm lens.

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