Pre Sitc 2017 goals

Pre Sitc 2017 goals

If you follow me on instagram you will have seen I posted a picture of inside my notebook of my “Pre Sitc 2017 Goals”. August to August is a weird time frame to use for goals but I feel so inspired post-Sitc and so low Pre-Sitc so I thought this would help me carry on the inspiration and reduce the Pre-sitc slum by having something to show all I have achieved between events and remind myself how inspired I will be after.

I thought I would talk through my goals here to expand upon them and explain how I think I will achieve these things and how they will affect my life in the next year hopefully.

1) Get a nice, stable job.

Its not new news to most people that know me or follow me online that I have not had the best luck with jobs in the past year and a half so my aim is to find a job I enjoy that has regular work so I have a stable income and can start to build a schedule around it.

2) Get back to the gym.

This time last year when I was working in a pub I was mostly working evenings which left me with plenty of time in the day to go to the gym, since then I have cancelled my gym membership because I couldn’t afford it.  I want to get back to exercising regularly because I enjoy it and I feel better about my body when I know I’m doing something good for it.

3) Start rowing again.

For 2 years I was doing some kind of watersport roughly 3 times a week, rowing Tuesday and Sunday, Kayaking or Canoeing every other Friday. I enjoy watersports and would love to get back to it after I’ve built my strength back up at the gym.

4) Learn to drive.

This should be obvious as to why I want to do it but if not; I want to drive because we are planning on moving closer to my Mum’s work and she said once we have I can use her car, this will enable me to do more, I will be able to go see my friends at uni and help me do things for my family (including but not limited to picking my parents up when they are drunk, taking my sister’s places and splitting long journeys)

5) Buy a vlogging camera.

This one is currently in debate as I will mostly need a lightweight camera with follow focus for day trips and sitc so I may be able to use my Mums but my aim is to be able to film more of my life out and about without having to take my heavy DSLR which doesn’t auto focus when filming making it harder to get clear moving shots.

6) Save up for Brighton Pride, Summer in The City and Reading Festival.

Next summer I want to take full advantage of my friends being home from university and the nice weather. To do this I am planning things to do with them like driving to and from brighton one day for the pride parade and taking my two best friends to their first year of Sitc after years of wanting to go and chilling in a field listening to music.

7) Keep to Video and Blog Schedule.

If you didn’t know (or hadn’t noticed) my schedule is new video at 4pm and new blog at 9pm on Saturdays. For the next year I hope to keep to this by fitting it in around work and family. My blog posts are normally scheduled 3 weeks in advance and I film, edit and schedule my videos mid week. For the foreseeable future I should be able to stick to this with a slight change in December (spoiler alert/yes I am already thinking about christmas)

8) Be more organised for sitc/summer.

In my notebook I do have this as “Print business cards for sitc” but that does include; booking my hotel/coach more than 2 months before sitc, having a bigger suitcase to take with me and not having to travel home on the sunday night after sitc.

9) Be happier/Look on the bright side

With all the issues I’ve had with jobs and family problems I’ve had over the past year and a half I’ve become even more of a pessimist than I was at the start of 2015 so between now and sitc 2017 I aim to find at least one positive in every day and do things to make something positive happen in other people’s lives. There’s enough doom and gloom in the world without me adding to or focusing on it.

I am interested to see how much of this I will have ticked off by next years event and what next years goals will be.

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