Granny Takes a Golden Wonder Into The Blue Skies

Granny Takes a Golden Wonder Into The Blue Skies
This bath cocktail name is ridiculous I know but I wanted to fit in all of the key players here.
Those key players being; Granny Takes a Dip bubble bar, Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds and a Golden Wonder bath bomb. (Also as shown in the pictures taken from my Instagram I used Roots Scalp Treatment and The Comforter Shower Cream but neither of these contributed to the colour and feel of the water)
I had seen from someone on Instagram about grating bubbles bars so I wanted to try it out and considering I didn’t have a whole baths worth of GTAD or BSAFWC (there was about 1/8th of each bar) and they have complimentary scents I went for it grating both of them into an old roots tub (no joke I love that stuff and I’ve had like 4 tubs so far this year)
The resulting water from the grated GTAD and BSAFWC was a very light yellow colour and didn’t have many bubbles but was very soft and moisturising.
The golden wonder I selected from my stash (now down to 5) had a slight crack in the side and the blue was seeping through the golden shell.
Never the less it was still beautiful with all the gold on the outside and the pinks, blues and greens on the inside.
As this bomb fizzed away I was left with the top and bottom halves with the gold outer shell and the blue inner shell, I love looking inside bathbombs so this was great, seeing the different layers to the bomb. The resulting water of this cocktail was the most perfect mermaid water I’ve ever seen.
A beautiful shade of turquoise and absolutely packed full of golden wonder’s classic gold lustre, if you have any golden wonders left from 2015 or are planning ahead for 2016 I highly recommend this combination.

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