So White Shower Gel

So White Shower Gel
On one of my pre-Christmas Lush trips I picked up a So White bath bomb and then in my boxing day sales adventures I got two Snow Fairy’s castle boxes which both contained a So White bath bomb.
Having used two of these three already I knew I loved the smell so when So White shower gel was on the lush kitchen menu for Japan week I was so excited. When checking out I got an extra bonus I found that The Comforter body lotion had not sold out so I grabbed one of those too.
When So White arrived I was SO excited (pun intended) the box was fine, nothing had leaked and they both smelt great. So White shower gel then had to wait two weeks before I actually got round to using it giving it time to build excitement with the aid of great reviews on instagram from fellow Lushies.
I have never been disappointed with a lush product before but I initially was. The first squish of this shower gel was really hard to get out of the bottle and looked lumpy. As I have short, thin hair I can just wash it with shower gel and it feels great, as I lathered up So White in my hands the lumps didn’t disappear but the more I lathered it in my hair they started to dissolve luckily. After my shower I felt clean and fresh but the smell in my hair was not as impressive as I was expecting but has started to grow on me.
With the help of my lovely assistant (my older sister) I took some photos of So White in action:
After holding it in her hand for a minute or so it warmed up and the lumps disappeared.
I will be placing it by a heater for a while to see if this helps
Once the lumps are gone you do get a nice lather and a good strong smell that is less sweet than when you smell it in the bottle or the smell of the bath bomb.
Once my hair was dry the smell was very similar to your basic supermarket own brand apple shampoo which was not as appealing as I was expecting this scent to be. After sleeping on my hair the sent did sweeten up a little but not to what I was expecting.
Hopefully after the lumps in this product have started to disappear more the scent will improve.
*Update* The texture has improved with the heat wave we had in England but the smell still isn’t overwhelming

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